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6 Healthcare Trends to Watch in 2020
Learn about what’s in store for patients, payors and providers in 2020 and beyond. 
Amitech Solutions
AWS EMR vs Hadoop: Which Is Best for You?
Learn how AWS EMR and Apache's Hadoop function both individually and conjointly to decide which is right for you.
Amitech Solutions
Automated Healthcare Solutions: Expectations vs. Reality
Automated healthcare solutions are oftentimes misunderstood. Learn more about how they work and what professionals can expect from them in the real world.
Paul Boal
AI Doesn't Have to be a Black Box
As humans, we are taught to question and learn why, but AI and ML make that challenging. Here is why.
Amitech Solutions
Digital Labor is the Future of Work
Learn more about how automation is changing the way we work.
Amitech Solutions
Intro to RPA
Learn about robotic process automation (RPA) at a high-level. We share key benefits, practical applications & groundbreaking results of RPA in healthcare.
Paul Boal
Two Techniques to Enhance Decision Trees
Machine Learning isn’t just a big black box that understands data and is magically able to make accurate predictions about the future. Here, we'll explain what Decision Trees are and how to enhance them.
Amitech Solutions
The 5 Most Common Data Cleansing Mistakes
Data cleansing might sound simple in theory, but it can get complicated in practice. Here are 5 of the biggest data cleansing mistakes to avoid.
Amitech Solutions
Are You Getting the Most Out of Your RPA Tools?
RPA tools are still relatively new to many professionals in healthcare. Learn how you can use your RPA tools as effectively as possible.
Amitech Solutions
4 Things You Should Know About IT Compliance in the Healthcare Industry
IT compliance in the healthcare industry is of the utmost importance. Here are the top four things you need to know about complying with regulations.
Amit Bhagat
RPA & AI: Same Difference?
Is RPA another flavor of Artificial Intelligence? Read to out what the difference really is.
Amitech Solutions
Putting RPA to Work: Enhancing Healthcare's Digital Workforce with Data & Automation
Learn how a new, data-infused approach to robotic process automation for healthcare is being used to enhance the digital workforce and reset expectations.
Amitech Solutions
A Beginner's Guide to Big Data Architecture
Take a look at what big data architecture is and why it matters to companies in the healthcare sector.
Amitech Solutions
What is Data Hygiene and Why is it Important?
Data hygiene refers to the quality of a data set, and it’s imperative that healthcare companies understand just how “clean” or dirty their data is.
Eric Keeney
Optimizing for RPA Value
Something is missing in RPA SEO.

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