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Amitech Solutions
4 Things You Should Know About IT Compliance in the Healthcare Industry
IT compliance in the healthcare industry is of the utmost importance. Here are the top four things you need to know about complying with regulations.
Amit Bhagat
RPA & AI: Same Difference?
Is RPA another flavor of Artificial Intelligence? Read to out what the difference really is.
Amitech Solutions
A Beginner's Guide to Big Data Architecture
Take a look at what big data architecture is and why it matters to companies in the healthcare sector.
Amitech Solutions
What is Data Hygiene and Why is it Important?
Data hygiene refers to the quality of a data set, and it’s imperative that healthcare companies understand just how “clean” or dirty their data is.
Eric Keeney
Optimizing for RPA Value
Something is missing in RPA SEO.
Amitech Solutions
Hadoop Architecture 101: Why It Matters to Healthcare Organizations
Hadoop architecture can be complex. Here, we’ll examine what Hadoop is, what it does, and why it matters for healthcare professionals.
Amit Bhagat
The Top 5 Benefits of RPA in Healthcare
You probably know about the cost-savings, but what about the other big benefits of RPA?
Paul Boal
The Dawn of Digital HEDIS
Have you been dreaming of Digital HEDIS? If so, you might be in luck!
Duane Schafer
Getting to Know Azure ML
Take a high-level look at the benefits of automating the machine learning process with Azure ML
Amitech Solutions
5 Clinical Data Repository Benefits You Could Be Receiving
Clinical Data Repositories offer significant benefits. We outline five ways hospitals and other medical clinics can benefit from integrating a CDR.
Amit Bhagat
The Biggest Myth in the RPA Biz
Is a robot going to steal my job?
Amitech Solutions
6 Healthcare BI Analytics KPIs You Should Be Watching
Healthcare BI analytics KPIs help professionals in the medical field measure their business intelligence analytics performance. Here are six KPIs to track.
Amitech Solutions
5 Myths About Analytics Modeling: Busted
Analytics modeling is a complex subject, and there are plenty of misconceptions out there. Discover the five most common myths in data analytics and how they impact the healthcare industry.
Amitech Solutions
Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing
Discover what the current state of business intelligence & data warehousing is like, and how can healthcare professionals use them to their advantage.
Amitech Solutions
Big Data Environment FAQs: Answers to Your Most Asked Questions
The data experts at Amitech Solutions are here to answer three FAQs about the big data healthcare environment including what separates big data from analytics, when you can trust big data and when you need big data solutions.

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